Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Guess what I bought?

Yesterday morning we set off on a trek up the country to pick up my new car.  I really had no idea quite how far it is from Southampton to just north of Nottingham but it really is far.  Far far.  We left home at 10.30am and got back 10.30pm - a very long day.  But oh so worth it.  I am totally in love with my new car, the colour, the sound of the engine, the smell of the interior... There are a few little bits on it that need attention and I will love every minute of getting this back to its former glory!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

all moved in...

Well, we are finally all moved into our new house and today I have unpacked the last of the boxes.  I am totally in love with my home - it's definitely home now.  This was also the first week back at school for Daisy, she started Year 1 and says that there is too much time working and not enough time playing.  But she is happy that she can play in the front playground with the bigger children.  I made it to school on time 5 out of 5 mornings which is actually pretty good going for me and I only drove back to our old house by mistake 2 out of 5 times so all in all a good week. 
We have worked very hard to get the house straight as quick as possible and I must say it is looking pretty lovely.  It is the most interesting house with cupboards everywhere and quirky shaped rooms, it has a wonderful sense of calm amid our chaos.  I haven't actually bought anymore pieces of furniture but what we took out of our small 3 bed terrace has managed to fill this big 4 bed detached with no space for anymore, how did I fit it all in?
I think I can safely say I have never felt so tired as I do this weekend, although it doesn't feel like you are working that hard at the time it has all hit me now and I feel about 85.  We are going to have a morning off from the boot sales tomorrow just to chill (I wonder if the temptation will prove too much to go when I wake up?).  
Moving house has defintely been a test on my nearest and dearest, and they have been very patient with me and the amount of stuff that I have hoarded over the years.  I even shocked myself with some of the things I found that I deemed worth keeping.  But I am a changed person and I am only going to keep things that would make me cry to get rid of them.  Thats the new rule of thumb.  I am dying to put some pictures of my new house on the blog, tomorrow I will take some more to post...