Friday, 6 July 2012

At last!

When Freddie was a couple of days old we found out that both of his hips were dislocated, something that I had when I was a baby and Freddie's brother Ben also had.  With Ben, we didn't find out until he was about 14 months old and he had to go into a plaster cast that went from under his arms right down both legs for 6 months.  But despite this, little Ben learned to walk and could even climb up stairs with his plaster on.  He was such a little star.  As it was found early with Fred he was put into a harness when he was 2 weeks old to keep his hips apart so they can grow properly and has just finished his 6th week.  

He now can be weaned off the harness, this week he can have an hour a day out of the harness, next week 2 hours a day, then 4 hours a day until he is only wearing it at night.  It was so wonderful to have our baby free to wriggle, to give him a bath (as we weren't allowed to take the harness off at all until yesterday) and to just have a cuddle with our naked baby!  He seems so much smaller when it is off, like a little newborn again.  He is just so yummy.



  1. Hello! What a lovely blog. I had a baby just 3 days before Freddie. My Jude weighed in at 11lb 7oz, so a big lad to!
    My niece also had hip displacia. Poor lad. Those harnesses are awful. I bet he is so glad to get it off.
    Look forward to following your lovely blog.
    Aimee x

  2. Thank you Aimee, yes Freddie really enjoys his time out of the harness just to wriggle and stretch! Congratulations on the birth of Jude (and very well done to you on such a big baby), Jude was on our short list of names!