Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Etsy Love

I am addicted to Etsy.  I love it.  Absolutely love it.  There is nothing that I could possibly want that I could not find on Etsy.  My love for it was reignited when I was in the last few weeks of pregnancy, daydreaming about wearing something other than pyjamas with a highly elasticated waistband, dreaming about the time when I would once again be able to wear something that I actually liked.  I bought quite a few dresses in those last few weeks, managing to think up little reasons why I deserved a present that day, things like surviving the day without taking an afternoon nap or doing the hoovering were all relevant and deserving of a gift to myself.  And now I have had my lovely baby things like managing to get dressed and apply make-up within the same day or moving the ever growing pile of clean washing off the stairs and to its next destination are just as treat-worthy.  The other day, after a lengthy debate with myself over what I needed to add to the kitchen I decided on some vintage mugs so I scrolled through pages and pages, adding to my favourites list (which is now up to about 135 items).  I have found so many that I love but eventually settled for some much needed vintage pot holders.  And the best thing is, I never even knew that I needed them.  Much joy.

Monday, 9 July 2012

A weekend at the park

We just got back last night from a lovely couple of days in Birmingham with Emma and Pete, we walked, talked, ate lots, got wet in the rain and then hot in the sun, saw animals at the zoo, drank tea and won teddies at the fair.  

It was great to spend quality time doing things that the children loved, away from work, away from home.  We love them very very much.

Friday, 6 July 2012

At last!

When Freddie was a couple of days old we found out that both of his hips were dislocated, something that I had when I was a baby and Freddie's brother Ben also had.  With Ben, we didn't find out until he was about 14 months old and he had to go into a plaster cast that went from under his arms right down both legs for 6 months.  But despite this, little Ben learned to walk and could even climb up stairs with his plaster on.  He was such a little star.  As it was found early with Fred he was put into a harness when he was 2 weeks old to keep his hips apart so they can grow properly and has just finished his 6th week.  

He now can be weaned off the harness, this week he can have an hour a day out of the harness, next week 2 hours a day, then 4 hours a day until he is only wearing it at night.  It was so wonderful to have our baby free to wriggle, to give him a bath (as we weren't allowed to take the harness off at all until yesterday) and to just have a cuddle with our naked baby!  He seems so much smaller when it is off, like a little newborn again.  He is just so yummy.