Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I Love...

We have finally outgrown our house and decided it is time for the next move.  I am so excited and I cannot wait to spread our wings that little bit more but it is funny how you don't notice the things that you actually love about where you live until its time to move on.

I am a serial decorator and every room has been changed so many times but I really think we have got it right at last.  I love colours and patterns and things that catch your eye, my house is fit to burst with 'interesting' little bits and bobs, i love tatty old enamel signs, I have bunting on every available wall and none of it matches but I think if you like it, it goes.The thing I like about our kitchen is that it is big enough (just about) for a dining table which means we can all eat together and it makes a good meeting place.  Of course I have a dresser, which is far too big for the kitchen but I actually don't care!  It's one more place for me to put my pretty floral plates and random bits of china that I will never use but can't seem to say goodbye to.

We have a big blackboard which is used for
'Happy Birthday' or 'Happy Halloween' messages,
which, depending on how long a gap there is
between events, your birthday message can stay up there for a good 4 months.  Little blackboards are a sweet way of leaving cheeky notes and seeing how long it will take someone to notice!

My favourite room has to be the living room.  It is so light and bright, airy in the summer and cosy in the winter.  I have filled it with painted furniture in blues and creams with pink floral fabric throws on the sofas to give it a pretty girly feel.  My two boys love this as you can imagine and have sworn they will only have black furniture when they are older.  We will see.

This dresser is my pride and joy, I love it with all my heart!  I really don't think I will ever find anything more lovely - it is perfect and I think I will love it for the rest of my life!

I love vintage mirrors, they are just so pretty and if you hunt hard enough you will find so many different designs of all shapes and sizes, they will reflect loads of light back into the room and they really do look great in a collection together.

I have photos everywhere of my wonderful family and friends, I think photographs lift your heart and make you smile.  I also have an obsession with frames so it works pretty well!

I have photo gallery going up my stairs which makes the journey up to bed even nicer, all the frames are different and it gets added to all the time.  Need more wall space.

These two pictures make me happy and sad all at the same time, the first is of me and my lovely daddy at the zoo when I was a wee lass.  Yes, he is wearing flares and aren't they cool!  The second is of me and my Papa when I was a bit older, he was the best grandad you could wish for.  Photos of wonderful people who are no longer with us but I can see them every day.

This is the tidy corner of our bedroom.  I am not the tidiest especially when chosing an outfit for the day.
I have marked 'more wardrobe space' as high on the essentials list for the new house which I feel will enable me to be tidier.  I will let you know how it goes.

I keep everything!  Tickets, receipts, cards, invitations, I love pinboards filled with random memories.  That big playing card was from the restaurant where Nathan and I had one of our first dates :)

I love chandeliers, I have them in every room and even a spare one waiting to be hung, glass is such a beautiful material.  I think they are the ideal light fitting for a shabby chic house - they add a touch of the chic and make you feel like you live in an oppulent mansion (just look at the ceiling - not the floor covered in clothes).  The only problem with chandeliers is the amount of bulbs needed and I am useless at replacing them so mine usually are at least 2 bulbs short of fully working.

  There is a family joke that I only bring out the bulbs when we have people over, but this is not true, I am saving the planet...

This house has served us well for 11 years, through good times and bad and it will be the end of an era but the beginning of a new one, a new and very exciting one.  I hope that whoever buys my house enjoys it as much as we have, and builds the start of the rest of their lives there...

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