Monday, 9 May 2011

My New Favourite Thing

This is my Uncle Mike (back right)  Aunty Sheila (back left) and their parents Maud and Henry.  Last weekend we went to Cornwall to clear out my uncles house for him.  He has a house just full of treasures, his parents lived there before they died and he has now moved into a rest home so it has many many years of memories and the only thing he wanted to take with him was his tape player.  It seems very sad to leave your life in a house but being an insanely sentimental horder I have brought most of it home! 

                                                         We found lovely old letters  (one from my mum when she was a little girl!).  My Uncle Mike must have kept just about everything, every postcard and thank you letter - just as grateful for the letter as the sender was. 
Charming old photos of family members who I need to find out who they were, some amazing vintage cups and plates and a few really special bits.  My lovely boy Ben had the time of his life looking through cupboards and boxes, I kept seeing his hands going into his pockets with another great find, he actually jangled when he walked back to the van.  

My absolute favourite has to be the 1950s record player that I found tucked away in the very bottom of a cupboard. And it works!  I couldn't believe it, it needed a bit of a clean but it is just so lovely.  We have spent the weekend listening to old records - I have all of my dads old records but the only ones I could get to were The Sound of Music, Annie, My Fair Lady and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!  Ha ha!  I think my neighbours have had enough of Edelweiss and Wouldn't It Be Loverly as has Nathan but he played along like a good sport.  The crackly sound of the record player is just magical and Daisy who is only 5 and has never seen music on anything but a cd thinks this is wonderful.

So this weekend I am going through the loft at my mums house to dig out all the cool records I remember my dad playing when I was younger.  I know that I will probably find a heap more stuff that I just have to bring home, I can't wait!

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