Sunday, 22 January 2012


Introducing.... our little bubba!  The sweetest little face, I just can't wait to see him for real.  I just can't wait.  And yes, I said 'him', we are having a little boy baby!  My bump is getting so big and I still have 15 weeks to go.  I have been going through my wardrobe today and found another dress that just about fits - today is a good day.  We are going to start rearranging the bedrooms today so Ben will move into the study downstairs, he is so excited about this, it's quite out-the-way of the rest of the house so it's like he has own wing.  Right next to the kitchen.  And the back door.  Not sure how good an idea this is but we will see.  The baby's room is my next project, we have been collecting little bits and pieces so I just need to get putting it all together and I have been gathering inspiration from all over the place.  I love the vintage pictures held up with pegs!  Just adorable! 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Sneaky Sneaky...

I have finished the first piece of furniture in my new fave colour (Farrow & Ball ~ Arsenic) and I just can't stop looking at it!  It is gorgeous and I am just making a list of things at home that we need to take to the workshop and get painted in the same dreamy colour.  I am going to paint Nathans chest of drawers (this will be a surprise as I think he may protest but believe me, he will love them when done.  How could he not?)  I am also going to paint our chapel chairs as they are in need of a little something.  We have a pretty little bedside table at the workshop which would look fab (again, this will be in the form of a present for my man.  I really think it would look great in or bedroom and there is no space down my side of the bed.  A present can never be turned down as that would just be rude).  I started a lovely pine corner cabinet and a pretty set of wall shelves in this colour aswell which will be going on the website next week, I know I may be going OTT with this paint but I seriously love it.  If you love it too take a look as I am sure Nath will not be letting me get another tin.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Just had to convince this little one that the brown sauce in her steak pie was not chocolate.   Dinner time can be challenging.

In other news, I have found my new favourite colour, one that I would quite happily paint every piece of furniture in my house in.  It is simply beautiful and we have been using it at Old White today so expect lots of furniture in this colour on our website...


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Our Christmas

 It's January 7th already!  I really can't believe how quickly time is moving forward.  I have been blog absent for a while due to Christmas which always comes with heaps of things to keep us busy.  We took the children on a very special trip to Disneyland Paris at the beginning of December and it really was the best holiday we have ever been on.  Seeing Daisy so captivated by the magic was the best Christmas present I could wish for, she totally believed that all the characters were real - it is such an amazing place -  the boys got so into the Christmas spirit - we were so very lucky to have been able to go.

 Christmas has been so lovely as the first one in our new house, my mum came over and stayed Christmas Eve night and we all woke up together.  Well, kind of.  Nathan and I could wait no more for the children to wake up and woke the whole house with "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' full blast from the stereo.

So now here we are in January and my bump is getting bigger and bigger.  We are all just so excited to meet this little one.  If I said I was due in 2 weeks you wouldn't think I was small but I have to fit 3 more months of baby growing in somewhere!  I feel there is no more room at the inn and I am quite worried about how I will be able to get up off the sofa come the end of April.  But am planning lots of crafts to get done whilst stuck on said sofa so I am going to learn to crochet.  I got lots of crochet books for Christmas and wool, I have got a new sewing machine which I am in love with!  So the living room is becoming a mass of floral fabrics, wool, 'How To...' books and pins that I keep spilling all over the floor.  Tis great fun.