Saturday, 2 July 2011

Party Time!

It is such a lovely day... sun is out, the smell of cut grass coming in through our open door and the The Beach Boys on the record player.  It definitely puts me in the mood for an old fashioned get together.  In another life I think I was some sort of party planner because i LOVE it.  The first set of ideas that come through my mind then develop into something far bigger than I ever planned (or could sensibly cope with).  But it always comes together and it's always worth the effort.

At this time of year you don't even need an occassion for a party, just some good weather and good friends and family.  The garden is a perfect venue, you can make it look so pretty even if, like me, you have small garden and you are not exactly Alan Titchmarsh.  Some empty jam jars with tealights hung with a piece of thin wire look magical in trees or hedges and fairy lights, well they just are a party essential!  If your garden doesn't have many surviving flowers, vases on tables make up for it and will truly make you smile...


Childrens parties are my favourite to plan, your imagination can run wild and its easy as an adult to remember all the things you loved about parties when you were little.  Bright colours, food that looked so good you would eat it even if you didn't know what it was, fun decorations and of course games.  When Jacob left junior school I booked the bbq at our local country park and invited the whole year (a lot of his friends were going to different schools and it made me so sad that a party seemed a great way to get photos and memories).  We played the three legged race, sack race, egg and spoon etc.. It was such fun!

These hats look easy to make, might give it a go...
And these milk bottles are just SOOOO sweet!  All different colour milkshakes, little labels, done.

I am thinking of having a little summer party for Daisy and her school friends in the holidays so that is my next party to plan.  A little girls party ... So out with the bunting, cake stands and jelly and ice cream... Yay!

Sweets in jars, just like a sweet shop.  

And remember...

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