Thursday, 27 October 2011

Special news.

It's been a very hectic day today, I could actually fall asleep right this moment.

 So, back to the real reason why I have been a blog neglecting tired unorganised young lady.  We have recently moved and after all the move and the excitement I was feeling quite exhausted.  In fact, I don't think I have ever felt so tired in my life, falling asleep on the sofa which I NEVER do and I just had this 'I just don't have the energy to do a thing' feeling all the time.  The move was pretty heavy going as was the shop so I put it down to overdoing it a bit.  But, turns out, we are expecting baby number 4!  Oh my goodness, what a wonderful, surprising, exciting and overwhelming piece of news it was!  I really thought 3 children was where we were at but no, its actually 4.  4 children, mother of 4, that's quite a lot isn't it?

We had our 12 week scan today and saw the little bambino wriggling and fidgeting about,  how amazing!  We saw its hands! And it had a little pout! I absolutely cannot wait to meet our little being...
I have some gorgeous scan pics which I will put on here tomorrow but its too dark to get a good shot.  But these are more pictures of how the house is coming along...

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I'm back.

I have been away from this blog for so long that I actually forgot my password but with password retrieved and the house finished I have made a promise to myself to be a better blogger.  There are reasons for my absence which I shall share tomorrow but until all can be revealed I have taken some pics of our house as proof that I haven't just been sat around watching Jeremy Kyle.  

At the weekend we finished the bathroom which I am totally in love with.  It has a beach chic feel and I can't stop going in there just to look around - it's just so pretty!

I am becoming a wee bit obsessed with the colour green at the moment, I have actually started typing into the ebay or etsy search bar 'Green' just to see what comes up - I have found some pretty cool stuff which I never even knew I wanted or in fact existed but it is green and vintage so therefore a purchase.

 This gorgeous chair was a pressie from my lovely girlie Emma Case but the fabric was found on a vintage green search...

More green search items...

Our kitchen has been a work in progress for a few weeks now.  We had no cooker for quite some time, which resulted in take outs and more take outs.  I have actually gone off MacDonalds which until recently was well known as being in my top 3 meals.  It got to the point where Daisy would ask to see the menu when you asked her what she would like for dinner.  Not good.  So I have gone into 'home cooked meal' mode all ready for the cosy winter.
We now have a new cooker which is a lot bigger than the old one so had to get rid of some work space and drawers but we found this old kitchen unit last week and it fits perfectly - love it.