Introducing the family...

First in line to the throne is Jacob Isaac, Jay to his friends and Jay Jay to us - he is the inhouse comedian.

Jay is now 14 and his moods change with the second hand on the clock but when he is in a good mood he is hilarious, he is amazing at accents and drama is his speciality.  He loves his music, he loves his friends and spends a lot of time on his phone - outside so we can't hear.  He has an answer to everything and ends most sentences with 'Exactly.'.  In the last few months he has wanted to be a professional footballer, commentator, mechanic, plumber, electrician and rap star but has now decided he will either be a policeman or a firefighter.  We love him lots.

If he can't be bothered to wait for the kettle to boil your tea will be cold, he avoids foods in tins as he can never remember what the tin opener looks like. Dishwasher/washing machine cause him confusion.  Sometimes can't remember what the fridge is called - "You know? That thing in the corner. White."

He is a great lad who will grow into a great man and I am very proud to have him as my son - Jay you are wonderful x

Second in line is Benjamin Joshua, aka Little Ben (my brother is Big Ben).  My beautiful blond bombshell.

Little Ben is a one-off 11 year old.  Very loving but very totally independant, he will come to you when he needs to and when he does you feel very honoured.
He is very strong but also very sensitive, a real nature boy who loves the great outdoors and a good spider.  Bens best friend Eric has just moved home to South Africa, they have been inseparable since they were 3 - he lived next door to us and we love him like he is part of the family - Ben misses him terribly and is still finding his place without him.

       Ben loves collecting things, Dr Who cards, stones, old coins and is the only one of our offspring who I think has the thrifting gene.  He loves coming to car boot sales and charity shops - he always finds something.  He loves reading which I love, he is a very clever boy and I can see him becoming some sort of explorer out in a jungle somewhere having an amazing life.

Ben is a heartbreaker, he keeps 'em keen by totally ignoring them.  He is beautiful inside and out - Ben - love you xx

The youngest recruit is little Daisy May.  She sings, she dances, she acts. (All at home in her bedroom but it is just practise for when she gets discovered by Hollywood).  She loves clothes and doing her hair, she cries when things don't go her way.  She is quite high maintenance but well worth the effort as she is a gorgeous little princess who is very loving and giving, always making presents for people and likes giving cuddles.

Daisy is great fun, her imagination is endless and in her mind there are no limits.  If you want to be a fairy you will, if you want to invite the class to camp in the garden, why not? You can go on holiday when you want to, cash comes from a cash point and things in shops are there for us to buy.
I think I know where she gets it...  You can spend all day listening to this little girl, she never runs out of things to say and she will know if you are listening properly or not, she will repeat if needs be.

Daisy loves ballet, she goes 3 times a week and enjoys every minute, in the dictionary under girly you will find Daisy, if you type her name into a text message predictive text will change it to fairy.  She rocks and we adore her. xx