Friday, 27 May 2011

Feline Family

We have 4 cats, Polly, Pedro, Petal and Peter.  We are definitely a 'cat family', they literally are everywhere.  When you walk through they are all there to meet and greet you with meows a plenty. We got Polly from a friend who's cat had kittens, Pedro came from a house clearance and Peter and Petal were born in our old warehouse.  There is nothing better than sitting in the room of an evening surrounded by sleeping cats, we really couldn't be without them.

This is Polly.  She is a snob in the cat world, she turns her nose up at everyone.  I can imagine she would talk rather like Joanna Lumley if she were human, we annoy her, the other cats annoy her, generally most things annoy her.  We live in a road full of cats and from what I can tell she is not one of the 'popular' girls.  None of the neighbourhood cats really talk to her and she tries to avoid eye contact.  I know she definitely feels she is meant to live in a manor house and I am half expecting to find a Louis Vuitton bag hidden in a cupboard ready for when the invitation comes.  She is not one for sitting on laps as that would involve you stroking her which would then have to be rectified by an hour long wash to remove the filth that you have transferred from your hands onto her pristine coat.  Filth.

Pedro is a loving cat, he knows he is in charge, he struts his stuff and always has the first serving of food, the kittens look up to him - he is one top cat.  In human form he would be Al Pacino.  He runs the neighbourhood gangs and the cats wait for him at the end of our path to come to play.  We have had Pedro since he was a tiny kitten, Nathan went to buy a chest of drawers one day and the seller put the cat into the deal. Pedros' mama died when he was born and he lived with 2 puppies so when he first saw Polly he was petrified but thankfully due to the amount of mirrors I have he quickly learnt that he was a cat.  He comes into our room in the morning and flicks the blind to wake us up, he is very feisty and if you walk past him and don't say hello he will swipe you to remind you of his presence.  He is always hungry, bourbons are his favourite and he will take one out of your hand if your not careful.  Pedro the dude.

Dear little Peter is a very timid thing, jumps at any noise and really likes to blend into the background.  Peter was a boy and is now a girl but the name has stuck, pretty lil' Peter. Peter likes to hang around with Polly and I am sure Polly is telling her that we are evil riff raff  so maybe this is the real reason for the avoidance. She has a beautiful sleek black coat, just the kind of cat you want to pick up and cuddle so we shall keep trying to convince her that we are nice people.  Peter hisses if you look at her for too long and she eats her food with her hands.  Even if it is dried food.  Polly will watch in despair as she elegantly eats hers with all the etiquette and manners one would learn at finishing school. 

And last but I am sure will not be the last is Petal.  Petal is wonderful.  Loves attention, loves cuddles and loves food.  Petal was a girl but is now a boy, again the name has stuck and I think he kinda likes it. He has absolutely no concept of personal space and if you are sat down he will be up in your face trying to kiss you and sit on your shoulders and rub himself against you. Petal is obsessed with Nathan, I mean obsessed.  He will not leave him alone to the point that we actually have to put him out sometimes because it all gets a bit much.  Nathan cannot watch tv or sit at the computer or eat his dinner, we have to shut the bedroom door at night because Petal is so persistent in his wooing.  Petal will also eat anything and everything that is left lying around, salad, veg, chips, crisps, biscuits, curry, noodles ANYTHING. 

He eats so fast that his teeth bang on the plates and I don't know how he doesn't choke, he talks none stop, really heart felt long mmmeeeeeeoooowwwwwws.  You feel like you have to answer after all the effort that has gone into his sentence which he then will answer to with just as much enthusiasm.  And it goes on.  Petal as a human?  I think I will go with Russell Brand.

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