Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas Market Time

 We have a great day in the shop, I love days like today when time just goes way too fast but you feel like you have got a lot done.  We have decided which markets we will have a stall at over Christmas which I am really looking forward to.  We will be at Bargate, Southampton on Thursdays and Saturdays, Winchester on Fridays and Sundays and the brilliant Vintage Market in Winchester on 4th December, and finally the Christmas Extravaganza in Eastleigh for the grand turning on of the Christmas lights. Phew!  I know that it will just make the run up to Christmas even more Christmassy and give me more of a chance to have a sneeky browse round the markets...

Tomorrow I am heading up to London for a day out with my mama at the Country Living Christmas Fair which is going to be brill, my mum is panicking about whether there is enough oil in her car, water in her car etc etc, which is not that much of a problem as we are only driving to the train station but never the less, she has asked if Nathan could check it for her in the morning.   
I have just got round to looking through the pictures we took at my brothers Halloween party, eeek!

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  1. Christmas markets are one of my favourite things of the season! x