Friday, 3 June 2011

A Quick Summer Evening Post

Just came out into the garden to hang the washing out.  What a beautiful evening!  It gets to the point in the year where you can't remember not having to wear sleeves ~ like you imagined it and then you get an evening like this with the smell of the neighbours BBQ and children playing in the garden.  Jacob is out with his friend, Ben is at football training and poor Nathan is out doing deliveries, stuck in the traffic of people who have been at the beach today.  But Daisy and I are at home, a girls evening in.

I am not really the gardening type, something that wasn't passed on in the genes ~ my mum has her own gardening company and my Granny and Nanna love to potter in the garden. But I do like my garden to look pretty (I secretly think my mum should come in and do a garden makeover, I keep dropping hints, when she is babysitting I drive up the road half expecting to see a miraculous transformation , the grass cut at least but to date... nothing).

As we have lived here for quite a few years there have been a few things that I have planted which have passed the test of not being looked after and having a football constantly kicked at the them.  I have jasmin and honeysuckle which I moved a few years ago and thought they had given up the ghost but this year have just gone crazy!

The cats are chasing flies in the garden, they must be so hot!  Peter is stalking one as I type.  Low down to the ground and very soldier like.  Petal has just ruined it with a tackle from behind.

At the bottom of the garden is Daisys playhouse which she has turned into an ice cream parlour.  She loves cooking down there, there are pots and pans and plastic steaks, eggs and slices of bread mixed with mud or gravy as she likes to call it.  She even has her own throne in there that plays a regal trumpety tune when you sit down.

We turned this old cast iron bath
into a little garden with wallflowers and other bits and bobs.I bought a couple of lovely old watering cans at an auction and when I got them home discovered that they leaked so have filled them petunias and this gorgeous rusty flour tin I have had for years, its a bit too worn out for the kitchen but makes a great plant pot.

The sun is going down now but the honeysuckle still has lots of bee visitors.  I can smell food and its making me so hungry!  All the children have gone indoors now, Daisy is cosied up on the sofa ~ exhausted after her dance festival today with stage make up melted down her little face.  I am going to have a Baileys and chill waiting for my lovely man to return.  Have a great evening! xx

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  1. I enjoyed reading this snapshot of your family. Sometimes the end of the day is just as good (if not better) as the beginning of the day.