Sunday, 5 June 2011

Vintage Weddings

Nathan and I are getting married early next year so I am really fascinated by weddings at the moment, I love looking at wedding photos and have just spend ages looking through my gorgeous friend Emmas website as she is a vintage wedding photographer  I am a last minute sort of person and I haven't really spent much time planning or even begininng to think about our wedding yet.  I work best under pressure but seriously, I should get to at least the pen and paper stage.  I love writing lists and lists of lists so this week my plan is to get at least one list of good ideas done.
Nathan and I met when his brother moved in next door to me.  He used to sneak up to the back door and steal a kiss, knock on the front door and hand me a piece of paper with 'I love you' written on it. 

When we first met we would stay up all night sat on the couch talking and talking.  I missed Eastenders for weeks.  Nothing but us talking and finding out everything there was to know about each other.  I remember he used to leave as it got light and we would say goodbye on the front door step as the sun was coming up and the birds started singing and this sound reminds me of that time whenever I hear it.  I knew that I loved him within 2 weeks and thankfully he felt the same, before we were brave enough to say I love you we would just stare at each other and he would say 'What are you thinking?', I would say 'Stuff' and then one day he said 'Do you think that you love me?  Cos' I know I love you'.  And that was it.  I was and still am besotted.  We live together, work together and spend any excess time together and we have the best fun, he makes me laugh until I can't breath, he is my best friend and I won't let him go for the rest of my life.

Because of our love of the 1950s, America and casinos, there really was ever only going to be one place to get married.  Las Vegas baby!  And that is as far as we have got,  so need to gather ideas...

I was looking through some old bits and pieces and found these adorable little wedding cards ~

The cards would be sent out in the post with a piece of wedding cake.  What a wonderful thing to receive!  Some of them are printed on the front and some fold out.  Inside of the one on the left is a heart either side, one with the brides name and one with the grooms and cupids arrow through the heart.  How romantic!  Why did people stop doing this?  I think I would like to get some of these made as there are going to be a lot of people who won't be able to travel to Vegas for our wedding and send out a piece of our wedding cake with them.

This card is dated June 30th 1908 and it is simply stunning,  I think Annie Webley is a distant relative but need to look into this a bit more.  I am sure she never thought her wedding card would be found over 100 years later but I treasure it and I would like to have something as beautiful for my wedding so one of my relatives treasures it too.  Its all in the detail...

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  1. i like your wedding card, it's so vintage. and what's look like for your wedding gift? may be i get inspired from yours.... this is my first time i look and see your blog, that's so awesome... thank you