Sunday, 4 March 2012

Beach Bums

It has been actually been snowing here quite hard today, yesterday it was too warm to even wear a coat but today I put on my woolly hat and winter coat and planned what to do when we are snowed in.  It has since stopped snowing and the sun is back out so I won't be cleaning out the utility room or catching up on the ironing (as if I was really going to do this).  

Back in half term we took the children down to Cornwall for a little break and family bonding time as it is hard to get the whole family spending time together when you have a 15 year old who thinks we are highly embarrassing and a love sick 11 year old.  But down in Cornwall there is no choice.  There is nowhere for them to escape.  It was a lovely quiet week of not doing an awful lot, cuddling up on the sofa watching movies, walks on the beach, and 5 evenings of trying to light the open fire convinced that the next day the wood we had got would in fact be of dry enough quality to set fire to.   We never had a fire that lasted for more than 5 minutes and we settled for big blankets to add the cosy factor.

It really wasn't as warm as it looked on the beach, it was ear ache cold.  But the beach is just the best place to be whatever the weather, watching the sea and the people out and about never gets boring.  For an adult or child anyway.  According to the teenager it's the most boring and pointless place ever.  Why would anyone want to do this?  Why would you live so far away from major high street stores and grotty parks with grotty benches to sit on with your mates all evening?  But as you can see from evidence A and C there are traces of a smile on his face so we decided that his rants were merely for effect and ignored him. 

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