Monday, 4 June 2012

Baby Blue

So much time has passed since I last posted on our little blog and so much has happened... Our little boy Freddie was born on his due date, May 7th weighing a very good size at 10 lb 7oz.  It wasn't the easiest labour by any means, due mainly to the fact that I am a just a mere human being of average proportions and surely not designed to produce offspring of that size (the day after Freddie was born we were watching Earth Watch and there was a bear cub, an American grizzly bear cub, a few days old that actually weighed less than Freddie).  It all looked set to be a text book perfect labour, on the morning of the 7th my waters broke at 4am, contractions followed quickly after and by 10am I was in established labour. From there on it quickly changed as he was facing the wrong way and was in distress but cutting out all the gory details he was born with a forceps delivery at 3.24pm and my beautiful bundle was in my arms and I was head over heels in love with my new little man.

We were in hospital for a week while his brothers and sister were at home with my mum patiently waiting for their baby brother to come home.  They just adore him.  Daisy would be full time carer if I let her, she places herself right next to him at all times just in case she's needed.   He is starting to look at her with fascinated eyes and I can see a deep friendship ahead for these two little people. 

~ There is so much that has happened on the run up to little Freddies arrival that I want to share so I am going to go back in time over the next week or so and fill in the gaps of my long absence xx

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