Monday, 18 June 2012

Happy days...

This weekend was great fun.  Saturday was a ballet day, Daisy had her usual lesson in the morning then a rehersal for her modern dance exam in the afternoon.  I managed a quick scout around for some treasures while she was in there and found these lovelies.  I am a bit obsessed with typewriters at the moment.  Sunday morning it was actually not raining for once so we were all up early and off to the car boot sales, Freddie only slept for 2 hours Saturday night so keeping my eyes open was quite a task.  We came home and had a big Fathers Day brekkie, Nathan opened the many many cards that Daisy had made him and we headed into Winchester to the Vintage Market and a wander round the shops, Ben bought a hat he's never going to wear and an expensive pair of trousers and Daisy bought a rabbit on a spring that is now called Bounce (not to be confused with Bounce-Bounce, her trusty favourite rabbit).  And I found some lovely vintage Pyrex cups! Happy days!

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