Thursday, 21 June 2012


Yesterday Daisy lost her first tooth.  This tooth has been wobbly since about March and was literally hanging on by a thread.  Every day we would have an update on how far she could push it forward with her tongue, on Tuesday, our last update, she was convinced it needed to click 2 more times before it would come out.  Then, while on her way to Rainbows it just fell out into her hand.  She was with my cousin Kate when it happened but when I picked her up the beam on her face was huge.  I actually don't think I have ever seen her smile quite so hard as she showed me the gap and unwrapped the little piece of tissue paper containing her tiny tooth

The Tooth Fairy visited and left £2.50 for a very looked after little toothy peg which she woke us up very early to show us.

Meanwhile, Freddie has been dribbling continuously for days, he has had blotchy cheeks, is biting down on anything he can and has been quite unsettled.  He is only 6 weeks old and I have never known a baby teething at this age, but what else could it be?  Can babies be getting their teeth through this early?  What can you do to sooth such tiny gums?  Poor little bubba x


  1. Hi. I've never visited your blog before but saw it on a friends twitter. It's a great blog! With regards to teeth...I have a 20 month old son who is a horrow when it comes to teething, but I don't think he started getting his until about 3 months old. However, my husbands cousin was BORN with 3 teeth!! So apparently they can start that early! xx

  2. Thank you! Three teeth ~ oh my goodness! Well Freddie was so big that I half expected to see teeth, my other 3 children were quite late in getting theirs but I guess Fred is starting early xx