Friday, 19 August 2011

Holiday Diary Pt 3

Today was not the sunny beach day we had hoped for so the barbequed bacon rolls we had planned to have sitting on a picnic blanket at Harlyn Bay were swapped for bacon sarnies at home.  The rain has been on and off all day so we went into Wadebridge to have a look around the shops.  My brother, Abby and the baby went for a drive up to the lighthouse and had planned a walk along the coast but we found them in Wadebridge having lunch instead.  There really are some lovely shops in North Cornwall and I am going to do a shopping guide with all my fave shops in a few blogs time.  As I was saying we met Ben and Abby, Jacob stayed with them and Nathan, I, Daisy and Ben headed back to the house via Tescos.  When we got back Daisy and Ben put on a film and I coloured my hair.  I know this is not your average holiday activity but I don’t get that much spare time at home so thought I would treat myself to less grey hair.  As it’s not my house I was extra careful not to get bright red hair dye ANYWHERE.  I even tied my hair up in a plastic bag so I didn’t drip.  Managed to wash out the colour, dry my hair and felt quite proud of how well I had done mess wise and then I looked at my gorgeous man in his best new t-shirt and saw that somehow I had managed to get colour on him. How?  I didn’t go anywhere near him!  But alas Nathans new, best shirt now has a large blob of red hair dye on it.   Shortly after the hair dye incident my brother returned with a very un-amused Jacob and Abby looking a bit wet and weathered,  my brother had taken them for a long walk in the rain and the wind which he enjoyed but they did not.  The children went to bed early tonight, they always get more tired on holiday and Ben was in a mood after bouncing a ball off a wall and it hitting him in the face so they should all be fresh-faced and well rested in the morning.  My mum will be here in the morning, can’t wait to see her! 

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