Sunday, 14 August 2011

Our Holiday Diary Pt 1

We are all here down in Cornwall now, Nathan and I, the three children, my brother, his fiancée and their little boy and we having a lovely evening just chilling, bliss…
Last night we got in from work really late, getting last minute bits done and we were just too tired to pack.  The original plan was to leave really early and be super organised and pack a few days before.  That didn’t happen.  Last night we just rolled into bed and got up this morning, not that early and packed.  It’s never a good thing packing in a rush.  I have just unpacked and realised that the bath sheet I thought I had grabbed was actually more like a hand towel so the walk from the bathroom to our room will be swift.  I have totally forgotten to pack any underwear so have had to pay a quick visit to Tesco to stock up.  The clothes I stuck in a bag this morning are the most random collection I have ever gathered together without one actual outfit that goes together (and I am known for my eccentric dress sense so that is saying something).  The car journey was extremely long, a lot of traffic jams and a lot of word-based car journey games.  But all that matters is that we are here sat around planning what to do tomorrow – a lie-in followed by a big full English breakfast and a walk down to the beach and a board game night.  It doesn’t get better than that.
We have had fish and chips for supper and fed the left-overs to the sea gulls, a tradition from my childhood which we have passed down to our children.  Great fun!

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