Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Holiday Diary Pt 2

Today we did as planned and had a nice lay in, then my brother and Abby took all the children off to the beach (which was supposed to be 10 minute walk but turned out to be more like half an hour).  Nathan and I cooked the brekkie ready for when they got back.  Around lunchtime we headed into Padstow for a window shop and an ice cream.  I found lots of things that I really needed to buy but talked myself out of it, may have talked myself back into it by the time we go back.  I found THE lamp that I have been after for ages, a vintage green metal desk lamp, but it wasn’t for sale so I persuaded Nathan to ask if we could buy it anyway.  The shop assistant said it belonged to her sister so we will definitely be going back to convince her that I need it in my life.  The weather has been beautiful today and we have been sat in the garden this evening, the boys have been playing football which kept getting kicked over the fence so it the turned into a contest of who could jump the hedge which is about 5ft.  My brother always has to go one step further to impress the kids and jumped one way, then took a run up, jumped back over the fence incorporating a somersault which didn’t go to plan, fell head first off the hedge onto a slide.  Very, very funny.  (He’s ok by the way.) 
A couple of years ago my brother and Nath took the boys on a ‘night time adventure’, an evening walk with military precision, a bag of emergency equipment and a big imagination.  This still happens every holiday and tonight they went to investigate an old barn at the end of the field behind the house we are staying in.  The found a ‘torture table’ (they took a picture of it and actually with a lick of paint could be a shabby chic masterpiece) and some bats.  Then they got ‘chased’ by a farmer.  My brother and Nath like to bring the excitement up a notch with “Quick! Someone’s coming!”   The kids are all in bed now, exhausted and full of lemon cheesecake supper.  We have just been sat out on the patio watching the bats when we could hear someone talking, would have been a bit scary but all they were saying was “Poo… Poo…”.  Think they were calling a dog, hope they were calling a dog.
Plans for tomorrow are, get up, if it’s good weather miss breakfast and head straight to the beach, bring a barbie and make bacon rolls.  In the meantime I will be dreaming of my green vintage desk lamp…  

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