Saturday, 20 August 2011

Holiday Diary Pt 4

Another rainy day with a few nice sunny spells.  We spent a long time discussing what to do today and finally decided to go into Padstow.  Ben and Daisy wanted to go crabbing so we bought some crab lines and some gross bait that once was squid and dangled off the harbour wall trying to tempt the Padstonian crabs.  They really didn’t want to get caught today, we were there for ages.  Nathan sent me up the shop to buy some smoked bacon, he whispered this to me so none of the other crabbers heard his secret plan but I think that maybe the crabs had been fooled by this before as they still weren’t biting.  Eventually we took a break and had a hot chocolate in The Shipwrights, then everyone else wanted to walk to the beach so we left Nathan and Ben crabbing.  Although I am not a fan of walking I have to admit the walk to Padstow beach has my favourite views in the world.  When you stand up at Chapel Stile and look up the estuary to where it meets the sea… wow.  When the tide is out as it was today the sand stretches from Padstow beach over the water to Daymer Bay, it really is pretty special.  Jacob and Daisy had a paddle in the water and Jacob who has had his iPod glued to his ears for the whole holiday finally removed it so it didn’t get wet and handed it to my mum.  Who dropped it in the water.  Poor Jay, it’s his lifeline and he is never without at least one ear piece in but he took it very well and we walked back to the town to try and dry it out.  This evening we went out for something to eat and then ended back on the beach to watch the surfers riding the waves in the cold sea.  Then all of a sudden Nath and the children decided it would be a good idea to get in the sea in their clothes.  Mad!  But they had great fun and kept saying how it wasn’t cold, trying to tempt my in.  Not on your nelly!  Home, hot baths and bed.  Another lovely day….

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