Thursday, 21 July 2011

Creative Corner

Our house is now sold and we are starting to sort out all of the cupboards full of things 'I will one day need'.  I think what I am most looking forward to about moving is having more space.  The boys will have their own rooms and hopefully I will find a little corner of the house where I can get creative.  Last weekend I went through the cupboard where I keep all of my craft bits.  Hundreds of bits and bobs, fabric (large pieces and pieces so small you could not really use them for patchwork but they are pretty so therefore need to be kept), paints, buttons, pretty paper, card making bits...  And I have started SO many things without ever getting round to finishing them.  I found lots of cut out pieces of fabric all ready to be sewn up into little hearts or cushions, a large Christmas panel that I started sewing before Daisy was born 5 years ago, wooden folk art signs half painted.  And it's because I have to put them back in the cupboard at the end of the day, then I forget and start on something else.  And so it goes on.  I crave a little area to display all of my things so I can have them all in front of me and be inspired. 

This is my idea of what heaven looks like...

This amazing stand made out of vintage tins is Nathans little project for tomorrow. 
I. Love. It.

 I have a few vintage sewing machines, I would really love to have them on display

But I don't have one quite as cool as this pink one : (

So I am going to start looking out for boxes and tins, I want to be organised.  Well, at least organised chaos.  I have oodles of projects to get finished and my goal is to finish every last one of them, I am DEFINITELY going to finish my Christmas panel by this Christmas and Daisy's birth cross stitch by her 6th birthday next March.  For sure.  

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