Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday Morning Pt 2

I went to the boot sale this morning, it's the first time in what seems like ages as we have been on holiday, it's been raining, the children not well etc.  It was brill, and the weather was lovely.  There were so many sellers and a really great atmosphere this morning.  I had to call Nathan and get him to bring some more funds as there was so much to buy.  Apart from the bits pictured below I found lots of great pieces of furniture so will be starting on all of that tomorrow - keep your eye on the website!  I also came across the biggest spider I have EVER seen inside a chest of drawers that I bought.  It really was huge.  And it had a sack full of babies next to it.  Double scary.  

I got this gorgeous big pink enamel roaster and cast iron candle holders

A huge set of antique scales...

This cool 1960s sewing box stool - the inside is immaculate!

And of course, some clothes for Daisy... (and some for Mummy including a dress that I had already won on eBay so Emma/Kate I have a spare dress).

And this I love.  A vintage magazine rack, rust and all.  It's just fab.

Now it's back to the mass pack for the move.  I really am not getting anywhere, I just keep getting stuff out.  Nothing is being packed up just piled up.  And then I lose interest in that stuff and get out more.  Please somebody stop me.

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