Monday, 4 July 2011

What We Did Today

It was our first day back in the shop today after our two weeks away, I've missed it!  I really do love Old White with all my heart and it feels like home (it looks quite like our house too).  A lot of furniture was sold and collected before we went on holiday so the shop looked quite bare when we stepped through the door and where we had been so busy it was also a bit of a mess behind the scenes so today was all about the tidying.  We really can be quite messy. 

I love days like this when I feel like I'm really on a mission - for the first hour or so I knew what I wanted to do but just not where to start and I stood in the middle of the shop feeling a bit lost (I tried to look busy when Nathan or the boys come over but really I was just stood there.  Thinking).  Aron, Elliot and Nath took on the major task of sorting out the workshop ~ this morning it looked like a bomb had gone off but by this afternoon it looked clean, tidy and ready to start work in.  I rearranged plates and tables and did all the girly bits.  A lot of bunting went up.

I like changing the window displays and I know that the boys don't see this as work but my brain works hard when I'm doing this, it's complicated and as I know they think I'm faffing I don't ask for help so end up moving furniture that I can't manage and usually hurt myself.  So complicated and dangerous.  I try to get 'themes' going, whether it be colours or styles and it does take ages walking inside and out checking that everything can be seen and it looks how I see it in my head.  So, thats what today has been about, and now it looks lovely and clean. And I can't wait to get back to work tomorrow...



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