Saturday, 16 July 2011

School's Out For the Summer

This has certainly been a hectic week.  The end of the summer term is always full of activities and with 3 children at 3 different schools our diary is a bit jam packed.  Daisy has had her Prize Giving - she got a merit for her Creative Skills (so proud am I!).  I love going to her school as it was where I went to school and nothing has changed... So many memories...


Daisy getting her award from her Headmistress

Daisy with her lovely teacher Miss Hayley

Ben is in his final year of junior school and we went to watch their end of year play which was so good!  Ben is not really a natural performer - he's a bit shy and not one who likes to be the centre of attention so when he came home and told us he had a speaking part we were so pleased.  We went along on Thursday and not only did Ben have a really good part but he also sung on the stage with only 2 other people... and he was excellent.  Love him!

A little snippet of my boys stage debut...

Jacob is at senior school and coming to the end of year 9.  It's really sad but they never have events for parents to go to (well, that's what he tells me).  On Thursday evening he said 'There's no point in me going to school tomorrow because the rest of my year are going to Belgium tomorrow.  I forgot to give you the letter.'  What?  I just look like the worst parent ever as usual because he forgot to give me the letter.  Great.  I managed to film him reading Daisy a story in his 'German' accent so I am putting that on here instead.    AND I had to pay him £5 for the privilege of filming it.

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