Friday, 1 July 2011

Photo Shoot

While we were in Cornwall my gorgeous friend Emma Case did our engagement shoot for us, we are so lucky to have wonderful friends like Emma and Pete.  It was such good fun, first we climbed into a cornfield, then down onto the beach at Harlyn which is our favourite place in the world (we went on our first holiday there).  Pete was filming the shoot at the same time, it was great to watch back!  I must have been the most annoying client ever as I was so excited about seeing the pictures that I sat next to Emma all evening while she edited them.  Until about 2.30am.  Annoying!  I'm sorry Emma but your pictures are so beautiful!  I woke up this morning to a little sneak peek on Emmas blog, yay!  I know Emma is shooting a wedding today but I simply cannot wait to see the others, do you think she will back late tonight?  Emma?

To take a look at our engagement shoot have a look at

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